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New Gang for Across the Dead Earth Announced

Dead Earth Games has announced a new gang for Across the Dead Earth, their post-apocalyptic sci-fi minis skirmish game. This time they're letting the ladies come out to play in force with the Sisters of Acquisition. The box set of 5 minis is just £15 and will be shipping in January. So go check them out.


From the release:

Dead Earth Games are very excited to announce that our brand new Gang, The Sisters of Acquisition, are now available to pre-order from our store.

Formed by Sister "Bloody" Mary upon leaving her old profession (the oldest) behind, The Sisters are a seemingly disparate group of women who work together under Mary's leadership to "acquire" rare and exotic items of Loot.
Comprising Mary herself, dual-shotgun wielding Sister Sledgehammer, sniper One-Eyed Sue, sociopathic "nurse" Penny and the aloof adventurer Lady Cara, The Sister of Acquisition are 5 white metal miniatures in 28mm to the eye scale for use with Across the Dead Earth and suitable for most other modern-to-near-future wargames

The Gang is our first sculpted by Kamil Milaniuk and painted here by The Artificer and Simon Quinton.

These five miniatures are incredibly detailed and Griffin Moulds have done an incredible job ensuring that even very thin parts like Sue’s sniper rifle have been recreated without fault. Like all the models we have had made by Griffin, there is little or no flash on the models, and mould lines are almost non-existent.