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New Gaming Structures from BATTLE BLOKX coming to Kickstarter in March

BATTLE BLOKX is a new company dedicated to creating low cost gaming structures. We are expecting to launch a Kickstarter project in March:

From their post:

in order to begin mass production of BATTLE BLOKX, a new building block style gaming structure for creating large sci-fi forts and other modern era structures. You can learn more over on our blog.

Right now we are in the prototyping stage and most of the BLOKX have final 3D computer models, throughout February we will be finalizing our production processes.

We hope that a lot of gamers will be as excited as we are, at the moment we expect the 64 piece set will cost less than $50! Keep in mind there may be a lot of changes between now and launch, we'll keep you all up to date on the blog and on Google+ just search for BATTLE BLOKX.