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New gaming podcast Ludology launching

Ludology, a new gaming podcast, will be releasing its first episode this month. From their announcement:
February 14th, 2011 - This month will see the launch of a new podcast, Ludology, featuring Ryan Sturm from "The How to Play Podcast" and Geoff Engelstein, regular "GameTek" contributor to "The Dice Tower." The show will feature analytical discussions of the how’s and why’s of the world of board games. Rather than doing game reviews and game news, Ludology will explore a variety of topics about games from a wider lens, including discussions of game history, game design and game players. The show’s first episode, "What is a Game?" was released on February 7th. Episode 2, "Why do people play games?" is due to be released in on February 21st and future episodes will be released biweekly.
The release of "Ludology" also marks the formation of "The Dice Tower Network." "The Dice Tower," "The How to Play Podcast," and "Ludology" are teaming up to support one another and will work together to strive to produce some of the best gaming media content available. Ryan Sturm is a professional educator who for the last few years has worked to help people learn and teach games. He is the author of the popular article "How to Teach Games: A General Primer" and has created over twenty audio podcasts on "The How to Play Podcast" and corresponding teaching guides assisting game players in learning and teaching games. Geoff Engelstein is a longtime contributor to "The Dice Tower," whose segment, "GameTek," continues to be one of the show’s most popular segments. He is also the designer of the upcoming game, "The Ares Project," due from Z-man games this spring. Together with "Ludology" and as a part of "The Dice Tower Network" Geoff and Ryan seek to provide meaningful discussions about games by asking good questions and hope to provide a meaningful contribution to the board gaming hobby.