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New Gaming Mats from Deep-Cut Studio

Deep-Cut Studio has teamed up with Wargame Print (Deep-Cut loves those team-ups) for four new gaming mats. Available in several different sizes, so you can make sure you've got the right size mat for your game, they make sure your table is lookin' good. The four styles are rocky plains, arctic tundra, wild steppe and deep waters. Other than the general look, there's no real specific, identifiable things on them so they're good for fantasy, historical, or sci-fi gaming.


From the release:

Loads of new mats are available at our webshop to celebrate the end of the year! Yes, we teamed up with a new studio - Wargame Print and launched 4 new designs in 3 different sizes on 2 different materials. These are generic landscape backgrounds and are suitable for any setting, any scale and any scenario: rocky plains, arctic tundra, wild steppe and deep waters theme for naval battles. Mats come in 4x6, 4x4 and 3x3 sizes and are available as PVC or cloth options. Check them out at our gallery and prepare yourself for the upcoming 2015. Happy holiday!