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New game variant for Larceny posted on their Kickstarter page

Waning Gibbous Games posted up a new game mode for Larceny, their party game that's looking for funding over on Kickstarter.
Don't forget, I did a review of the game a couple weeks back.


From the update:

Troubleshooters Mode

Troubleshooters is what we call a team vs team variant of Larceny. In this mode, the Crew takes on the role of security troubleshooters, proposing ways to protect and to steal the same Score. One team plays from a hand of Catch cards, while the other plays from a hand of Fix cards. Both sides draw one hand of cards and play until one team has either protected or stolen the Score four times. Neither team draws new cards during the round. Each team plays the card that they would use to either protect or steal the Score, taking the Score itself into consideration. You might protect a bottle of wine differently than you would a rare stamp, or a pile of gold, and likewise your tactics to steal a flash drive would differ from how you might steal a vintage car. Cards are played face down and it's up to the Chief to make the call as to which is more effective.