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New Game system from Starbright, for any setting

Starbright has released Multiverse Adventures, a new universal RPG system. Got a setting? You can use these rules for it.
Yes, even that crazy weird one you came up with in 6th grade with the rocket ships and flying horses and Judo Newts.


From the release:

The Multiverse Adventures system is designed to be complete and capable of simulating any setting. It uses a simple ranking system as a revolutionary way of designing an entire game. There are no separate systems of rules for characters, monsters, magic, vehicles, superpowers etc. They can all be modelled using the same simple but flexible system. It's easy to use, easy to remember, but incredibly versatile.

It comes with lots of examples of characters, monsters, vehicles and equipment to show how the system can be used to simulate the elements of almost any setting. This means you can set a game in your favourite manga universe, a fantasy setting you designed yourself, or any other setting you can think of.