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New Game of Thrones Miniatures Releases from Dark Sword Miniatures

Well, it's Monday. Those of you with the ability and desire, I hope you enjoyed last night's Game of Thrones episode. Don't worry, you won't get any spoilers from me. I've not seen the episode yet. Though, if I had to guess, based on what I know of the show, I assume there was backstabbing going on, possibly both literally and figuratively. Well, if you've wanted to bring that excitement and adventure to your tabletop, Dark Sword Miniatures helps you out with 11 new releases as part of their George R.R. Martin line.

Note: The one in the slideshow there that's the green is because the studio paint job (done by Jessica Rich) has her in extremely sheer clothing. So just so you know if you click through to their site.

With this set of releases Obara Sand, Osha, Qhorin Half Hand, Thoros of Myr, Daario Naharis, Roose Bolten, Ramsey Bolton and Sworn Brother DiTerlizzi of the Nights Watch can now be put on your tabletop. I'm sure they'll all get along just fine.