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New Galactic Control beta released

A new beta version of the Galactic Control sci-fi rules has been posted. From their announcement:
After a few months strenuous work, the play tester and I have completely re-written the Galactic Control core rules bringing them to version 0.73.   The rules have moved away from the I-GO-YOU-GO turn mechanic to a variation of the unit activation mechanic. We have also strived to add heaps of examples for players to better understand the rules as well as streamlined the rules to make them easier to use in game and easier to understand when reading them.   This is a simple version of the rules without all the introduction parts and is very printer friendly. Please be aware that this version of the rules has not yet hit the editor, so the only review of the rules has been a simple spell check. Diagrams and tables will be added in the final version.   You can download the new rules here.   The BETA army lists can also be found here. The website including the forums are located at