New Gafdoz Rules available

GAFDOZ RulesKiller B Games have released an updated version of their Pulp/Sci-fi rules for their G.A.F.D.O.Z. range of miniatures.

From their announcement:
Our set of generic retro sci-fi wargames rules entitled Galactic Adventures In The Fourth Dimension Of The Forbidden Zone (Or G.A.F.D.O.Z for short.) have had a re-vamp. With fantastic cover art by acclaimed artist Francesco Francavilla the rules include 10 Trap Cards and a Berserk Robot Template.

Journey to the farthest reaches of the Galaxy bringing truth and justice to the stars. Or hatch nefarious schemes to destroy the Earth and enslave the Universe. G.A.F.D.O.Z. aims to capture the feel of the Golden Age of Sci-Fi where men were men and women were in constant need of rescue.

The rules cover 28mm skirmishes and feature 3 generic Sci-Fi army lists:

The ‘Daring and the Dauntless’,The ‘Wicked and the Wretched’ and ‘It Came from Outer Space!’

Coming soon will be “The Dragon Men of Hydrus.” the first of 3 Scenario books covering the Adventures of Captain Gamma and the Proton Rangers.

The G.A.F.D.O.Z rule book is £8