New GAFDOZ releases from Killer B Games

Killer B Games have expanded their GAFDOZ pulp/sci-fi range with new releases.


From their announcement:

The latest heroic 28mm Pulp Sci-Fi figures for Galactic Adventures in the Fourth Dimension of the Forbidden Zone (GAFDOZ) are now available from the Killer B Games website:

Prince Unukas £2
Prince Unukas is heir to the throne of Kappa, a dried out water planet under URSUS Protectorate rule. He leads a noble resistance against the oppression of the Protectorate forces based on his once beautiful planet.

Unukas is 28mm scale but as the Kappa are diminutive he is about 27mm from toes to eye.

Kappa Royal Guards(5) £10
The guards are the elite troops of Unukas the pack contains 5 seperate figures.

Next up, The Kappa Slave Drones.