New GAFDOZ Lost Legion available for pre-order

Killer B Games are now accepting pre-orders for their GAFDOZ Lost Legion figures.

Lost Legion Advancing

From their announcement:

The new Lost Legion figures are available in the store for pre-order. They will be available early November.

  • Lost Legion Troopers 1# (3 figures) £6
  • Lost Legion Troopers 2# (3 figures) £6
  • Lost Legion Heavy weapons team:firer and loader (2 figures) £4
  • Medic £2
  • Communications Trooper £2
  • Officer £2
  • NCO £2

These stalwart super soldiers went missing long ago whilst on campaign against the evil Moon Witch Deimos.They are discovered by the Proton Rangers on the distant ice planet of Arcticon bewitched and in a state of suspended animation. If they can be freed Captain Gamma will have a highly trained army with which to take the fight to the evil URSUS Protectorate.

The figures are 32mm and were sculpted by Martin Baker in cell on the prison asteroid of Cursa Okab.