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New French Releases For Team Yankee

When it comes to World Wars, the French have had a rather tough time at it. Usually one of the first countries singled out for attack, they've had to twice fight off enemy troops from within their borders. They're looking to make sure that WWIII isn't a repeat, and have the arms, equipment, and troops to make sure that this time, it's closer to a Napoleonic War than a World War. New releases are now available for the French in Team Yankee. Battlefront has also created painting templates to make sure you get your figures looking accurate.

From the website:

We’ve put together an article all about painting your French forces from Free Nations. If you like how we’ve painted our French range then this is the place to start since we include a short colour guide, NATO 3 color PDF templates as well as a few alternative historical schemes you could also paint your French.