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New French Old Guard Grenadiers for Black Powder from Warlord Games

While, thanks to The Simpsons, the current joke is that the French are a bunch of "cheese-eating surrender monkeys," the truth is that for much of their history, the French army was one of the most-feared fighting forces in Europe. And some of the most-feared were the Grenadiers of the Old Guard. Warlord Games brings these soldiers back to the battlefield with the release of their new Grenadiers of the Old Guard box set for Black Powder.

These solders stuck out in many ways. They were hand-picked due to their military background... and their height. They grew fierce mustaches (which such people like Tom Selleck imitated (citation needed)) and wore gold earrings. They powdered their hair, which they wore in a pigtail. They were known as "Les Grognards" (or "The Grumblers" ... I'd always wondered what that meant) and were fiercely loyal to the emperor.

This Boxed Set contains:
– 4 metal command miniatures (officer, pioneer, standard bearer, and drummer)
– 20 metal Grenadiers
– 3 full color flags
– Background and painting guide