New French Halflings available from Black Hat Miniatures

Black Hat Miniatures released their French WWI Halflings, that had been successfully funded via Kickstarter, over in their webshop.

From the release:

Our range of 28mm WW1 French Halflings funded through a successful Kickstarter are now available for purchase through the Blackhat Miniatures website:

The packs are:

Halflings in Kepi

WWH1 Officer£2
WWH2 Riflemen(5) £10
WWH3 Sergeant £2
WWH5 LMG ammo carrier £2
WWH7 Trench Mortar £8

Halflings in Adrian Helmet

WWH101 Officer £2
WWH102 Riflemen(5) £10
WWH103 Sergeant £2
WWH104 LMG £2
WWH105 LMG ammo carrier £2
WWH106 HMG £8
WWH107 Trench Mortar £8

We will be adding to the goblin range over the summer with some new releases and intend to add to the halflings later in the year.