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New French Foreign Legion troops from Blue Moon Manufacturing

Blue Moon Manufacturing continues their historicals line with several new sets of French Foreign Legion troops.

From the announcement:

Blue Moon has just released 5 more codes in our French Foreign Legion range. We have 2 more Arab Infantry packs and 3 Mounted Arab packs. Shake the sand out of your sandals and get ready to fight!

Ready to go are:

15FFT-200 Arabs Attacking with Swords (30 figures for $15.00)
15FFT-201 Arabs Attacking with Spears (30 figures for $15.00)
15FFT-203 Mounted Arabs with Swords (15 mounted figures for $16.50)
15FFT-204 Mounted Arabs with Spears (15 mounted figures for $16.50)
15FFT-205 Mounted Arabs with Rifles (15 mounted figures for $16.50)

Keep watching as the Blue Moon 15/18mm releases keep rolling in, so more announcements are coming soon.