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New French Army Sniper, Light Mortar, and Anti-tank Rifle teams for Bolt Action

Warlord Games has had a lot of tanks being released lately. Well, now they've got a bit of a way to fight back with their French Anti-Tank rifle team. Plus, it comes with a light mortar and army sniper as well.
Along with that, they've come up with two French army packages. They've got one for 500 points and one for 1000 points.

From the announcement:

Further reinforcements for the French this week with a set of specialists, comprising three two man teams.
In the set you recieve a French army sniper and his copain, a two man light mortar team and a two man anti-tank rifle team getting ready to take out oncoming armour.

If you are looking to join the fight to hold back the German Blitzkrieg then one of our French Army deals, either 500pt or 1000pt, is a great place to get started.