New Freebooter’s Fate figures released

Freebooter Miniatures have released four new figures for their Freebooter’s Fate fantasy pirate game.

Goblin Geezer

From their website:

4 new figures for Freebooter’s Fate for May 8th release: IMP 011 Marines and GOB 010 Goblin Geezer and Velero!

The Goblin Geezer and the Velero are deckhand characters of which an unlimited number can be hired for the Goblin Pirates crew at 50 doubloons for the Goblin Geezer and 30 doubloons for the Goblin Velero. They come with the character cards for Freebooter’s Fate.

The miniatures are kits consisting of 9 parts. They are supplied as unpainted kits and require assembly. GOB 010 can be pre-ordered for €12.90

Next week we will future the Imperial Marines