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New Freebooter Miniatures Releases for September posted online

Freebooter Miniatures is showing off the latest releases for Freebooter's Fate over on their website.
Yarr, matey!

From the release:

Ahoy there,
September is “mercenary month” so that everybody can get their share of the new loot:

The rules for Crazy Perez were designed by Christine Leonhardt and Gregor Lengsfeld. This crazy lass goes wherever she wants, which may occasionally upset the player supposedly controlling her, but she does carry a bomb and packs a hefty punch in close combat. She will fight for any crew (“Bombs for everyone!”).

Theresa is sort of the good witch of Freebooter’s Fate. She can invoke benevolent loas and will fight for any crew except for the Cult. She will also stay well clear of any Cazadores of the Imperial Armada – for obvious reasons. With her help, every crew can now use the new loa invocation rules. Did we mention that this nice old^H^H^H, I mean: mature lady also comes with a one-shot gun at a very reasonable rate?

Both characters are available now!