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New Freeblades update from DGS Games

DGS Games has updated their Kickstarter campaign for Freeblades with a new add-on.



From the update:

This weekend saw us cruise past the 2/3rds mark towards funding which is awesome in and off itself. Add to that, many conversations with new players wanting to fill out their freebands. Something that always warms my heart. To go with helping spread the word, I thought we'd give you a cool Freeblades Kickstarter Backer icon you could use on your favorite forums and social media sites to let people know you are as excited about our project as we are.

Also had a request to add t-shirts to our Add-on list, so if you need a new t-shirt (we have sizes up to XXXL), just add $20 to your pledge. The t-shirts are black and have the DGS tombstone logo on the right breast and our "Where Gamers rules" motto on the back.