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New Free Supplement Released For The Outland Chronicles

Barrels explode.
That's just what they do. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. And yet, so few games actually give you rules for having these incendiary menaces in your game. Well, The Outland Chronicles gives you that info in their first free supplement that has been released. But it's more than just exploding barrels. There's also more character options as well as a new mission (that, of course, used exploding barrels).

From the release:
The Fall Of Paradise Part 2: The continuing background story in which OUTLANDS is set. News of the cataclysm that has befouled Paradise reaches the highest authorities, The Council Of 12.
It also offers players a chance to blame a certain individual.

New Abilities and Equipment: More tools and skills to make your Spice Hunters even more badass.

Optional Rules: If the cover didn’t give it away already... There are new rules to drop into your games that involve barrels that explode!!!!

A New Mission: “Locks Stock and Smoking Barrels”. This is a special mission that includes rules for “Exploding Barrels”. Sherlock Hemmingway’s Spice production has taken a downward turn… and he is not happy about it.