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New Four-on-Four dating special pledge level from Forge of Honor on Kickstarter

Forge of Honor has added a new pledge level to their Targimals and Bordor Blades and Shields Kickstarter campaign for those of you without kids (such as myself) that still want to support the project: The Four-on-Four Dating Special pledge level.
And yes, it is supposed to be humorous. :p
Though... it just... might... work.
*shiftyeyes* *grabs sword, shield and stuffed animal* Ladies... *cheesy smile*

From the update:

Single Geeks, Nerds and LARPers around the world have been telling us they love our product, and wish they had kids so they could support us. Never fear! We’ve got a solution: We’re starting the Forge of Honor Dating Service to hook up single Geeks, Nerds and LARPers looking to make babies so they can buy our product! Since making babies will take at least ten months, we’ve got to get busy! If you have already sired offspring, please pass this along to your single friends, or buy a set yourself and play matchmaker.

Announcing the adults-only, RED vs. GREEN, FOUR on FOUR Kickstarter-only dating game.