New forum and design contest for World of Twilight

World of Twilight has a new message board and they are also running a creature design contest.

From their announcement:

The World of Twilight has a brand new forum. Hasslefree have been kind enough to let me have a small corner of the Forum of Doom for Twilight, but after a successful first year and another enjoyable trip to Salute it seemed like the right time to step out on our own. We now have a sparkly new forum on the World of Twilight website where you can come and discuss the world and the game, as well as being the first to see new releases. It is also an opportunity for you to directly influence the development of the world and maybe see your ideas become part of the setting.

We’ve decided to kick things off with a small contest – design your own creature for Twilight. It might be a peaceful herbivore that is used as a mount by the Fubarnii of the Casani territories, an annoying pest that tends to raid the Delgon supplies in their frozen mountains, a vicious hunting beast trained by the Devanu, or anything else you can imagine. The World of Twilight already has lots of weird critters wandering around, so it is worth having a look on the forum for some inspiration. There are a couple of prizes up for grabs, as well as the potential for your creature to eventually be sculpted and included in the range. All the rules can be found here.