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New Forge World Open Day Pre-release products

Forge World have announced several new products which will be available for order at their upcoming Forge World Open Day. Imperial Strongpoint Expansion From their announcement:
Realm of Battle Gameboard Imperial Strongpoint Expansion An exciting new addition to Forge World’s finely detailed resin scenery range is the Imperial Strongpoint Expansion. Designed for use with the Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard, this 2' by 2' tile is a superbly detailed fortified stronghold that will make a great feature for armies to fight over in your Warhammer 40,000 battles. Comprising a power generator, two reinforced defensive positions, dragons-teeth tank traps and huge, armoured blast doors dug into a central hill, the Imperial Strongpoint Expansion is cast from a hollow resin as durable and sturdy as the plastic Realm of Battle Gameboard tiles available from the main Games Workshop range. Perfect for representing critical objectives such as a command and control facility, or a fortified artillery pit, the Imperial Strongpoint can be used in games of Planetstrike as a unique Bastion or to represent a huge variety of stratagems, strategic assets and other rules in Battle Missions, games of Apocalypse and other Warhammer 40,000 battles, not to mention the Games Day Armies on Parade competition. Exclusively available at the Forge World Open Day on Sunday 3rd April, prior to its main release date later this year, the Realm of Battle Imperial Strongpoint, designed by Stuart Williamson, costs £60.
Eldar Wraithseer Rare and precious beyond compare, their souls protected from the predations of Slaanesh within spirit stones, long-dead Warlocks of great power can still be summoned to aid their Craftworld in the form of a Wraithseer. Armed with a lethal D-Cannon and a Wraithblade wreathed in the eldritch energy of their psychic arts, a Wraithseer is a terrible and implacable foe. The Eldar Wraithseer, designed by Will Hayes, is a complete resin and plastic kit that will be available in limited numbers at the Forge World Open Day prior to its release later in April. The kit costs £34.   Eldar Corsair Conversion Kit There are many bands of so-called ‘Corsair’ Eldar scattered across the galaxy, and all are savage and deadly raiders. Outcasts from the strict confines of the Craftworlds, the Corsairs live in self-imposed exile, seeking to explore the galaxy and experience the full gamut of emotion and sensation accessible to the Eldar’s sensitive psyche. Most are young and adventurous Eldar who will eventually return to their homes older, wiser and tempered by warfare. Some, however, embrace the raider’s life completely and fall further still, becoming ever more bloodthirsty and psychotic, indulging their darkest impulses and eventually seeking out the infamous Dark City. The Eldar Corsair Conversion Kit is designed for use with the plastic Eldar range. Designed by Will Hayes, this resin upgrade kit contains detailed weapons, jump packs and heads that enable Eldar players to convert ten plastic Eldar Guardians into Corsairs. The Corsair kit will be available in limited numbers at the Forge World Open Day, priced at £18. Red Scorpions Decal Sheet The latest addition to Forge World’s Transfer Sheet range is this lavish Red Scorpions Decal Sheet, designed by Paul Rudge. Packed with over 1,800 individual Chapter icons, vehicle insignia, blazons and squad designations, this A4 decal sheet allows collectors of the pre-eminent Chapter of the Badab War to add even more detail to their Space Marine models and vehicles. The decal sheet will be available in limited numbers, hot off the press, at the Forge World Open Day for £9.20 This is well in advance of its main release later in April.