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New Forge World Marine releases

New Forge World Marine releases

Forge World have announced the upcoming release of several new 40K Space Marine products. These products are available for pre-order and will ship on October 4th, 2010.

From their announcement:

Chapter-specific A4 Transfer Sheets Forge World’s Kenton Mills has been hard at work of late, busily working away on a new range of transfer sheets. Some of these have already been released, such as those available now for the Imperial Fists, Iron Hands and Raven Guard Chapters, but as another Games Day pre-release you’ll be able to get your hands on four new A4 decal sheets for the Blood Ravens, Crimson Fists, Blood Angels and Elysians, priced at £9 a sheet. Each decal sheet is crammed with a huge array of squad badges suitable for shoulder pads, jump packs and vehicles. There are also unit designations and unique details such as Librarian rank markings in the case of the Blood Ravens decals, and Vulture Gunship and Tauros kill markings on the Elysian sheet. Each of these fantastic sheets will be available as an exclusive Games Day UK pre-release while stocks last.

New Etched Brass Symbols Not content with his awesome Transfer sheets, Kenton has also found time to produce a sheet of incredibly detailed Etched Brass Symbols for the Iron Hands, featuring a variety of Chapter and Clan-Company details perfect for making your infantry and vehicles stand out even more. He’s also recently finished a set of Etched Brass Ork Glyphs to complement the recent range of Kastorel-Novem themed Greenskin kits that we have released. These glyphs allow you to personalise and name your Ork characters and vehicles in typical Orky fashion. Both of these detailed Etched Brass sheets will be available as a pre-release at Games Day while stocks last. Space Marine Character Upgrade Set Will Hayes and Phil Stutcinskas have followed up their work on our recent Power Armour sets and Weapon Packs with this detailed set of upgrade parts to allow you to customise unique Space Marine figures from Sergeants to Captains. The Character Upgrade Pack features 5 bolt pistols and a plasma pistol, styled along the same lines as the Special Weapons Pack, as well as three bionic arms, a bionic leg, a mechanically detailed head, a fantastic right-handed Power Fist and an ornate Power Sword. The sprues also contain a combat knife and a combi-flamer to offer even more conversion options, as you can see here. The Space Marine Character Upgrade Set will be available as a pre-release item from the Forge World Sales Stand at Games Day UK while stocks last, priced at £10.