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New Forge World 40K releases

New Forge World 40K releases

Forge World have released a new 40K Dreadnought and 40K Space Marine decal sheet.

From their announcement:

Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought A true relic of the hallowed days of the Great Crusade, and of the heights of technological achievement once reached by the Imperium of Mankind, the Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought was a mainstay of the armoured might of the Astartes Legions of old. Larger and stronger than standard pattern Dreadnoughts, the Contemptor’s systems featured many examples of techno-arcana steeped in the sacred mysteries of the Legio Cybernetica. Due to their spearhead assault role in the epic battles of the Great Crusade, losses were high amongst these potent war machines, and in the shadowed aftermath of the Heresy the ability to produce or maintain the Contemptor was all but lost. However, some Chapters still boast these war-relics amongst their ranks, and whenever the Contemptor takes to the field of battle it is an echo of the power of ancient days.

The Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought, designed by Will Hayes, is a detailed full resin kit that allows any Space Marine (or Chaos Space Marine) army to field one of these ancient war machines. Will has also designed two unique weapon options: a Contemptor Pattern Lascannon Arm and a Contemptor Pattern Close Combat Arm (Fist). These two weapons can be used on either side of the Dreadnought body, which is itself a fully poseable miniature. Experimental rules for this storied and ancient Dreadnought are available to download now (PDF link) from the Forge World website, and this kit and its weapon arms are available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 25th July. Carcharodons Transfer Sheet Packed with well over 500 individual transfers, the Carcharodons Transfer Sheet is a hotly-anticipated addition to Forge World’s range of A4 transfer sheets. Kenton Mills has crammed onto it Chapter badges sized for both infantry and vehicles, heraldic blazons, Void Maw devices and a wide range of different sigils and devices that denote an individual Carcharodon warrior’s record of carnage across the stars, albeit in a manner that ensures his deeds may only be read by another Astartes of this ill-famed and sinister Chapter. The Carcharodons Transfer Sheet is available to order now for immediate despatch.