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New Flyover interchanges/slip-roads from Urban Construct

Urban Construct released their new flyover interchanges and slip-roads over on their website.
I want to get a whole bunch of their stuff and recreate Gorillaz - 19-2000 on the minis table...

From the release:

Urban Construct are pleased to present their new resin 25/28mm slip-roads or interchanges, which are designed to fit in with their ‘Flyover’ raised roadway series of models. The slip road or raised junction, allows two streams of traffic to merge. One stream of traffic could be from an entry or exit ramp.

Excellent for post apocalypse, near future, speedway, modern, Middle East, Judge Dredd, Gamma World, Necromunda, 40k and Savage Worlds.

The ‘flyover’ range includes exit/entry ramps, four-column supports, ‘T’ column supports, straight roads with parapets and ruined road sections. Not only is there an upper level giving you the high ground but plenty of cover and shady corners to hide in below. The columns and ramps provide a concrete forest and perfect ambush sites for your nefarious gangs.

The individual slip-roads are only £14 for what is a large model of length 285mm, and width 260mm. Each model has walls either side which are 20mm high, superbly suited to rest weapons on! Alternative column sets are available.
As with all our models these have highly textured surfaces. The road surface is gritty and this helps dry-brushing. The wall surfaces represent rough cast concrete. In some places the surface has spoiled away to expose the aggregate and reinforcing bars. We’re not sure of the cause but perhaps lack of maintenance, the nuclear explosion 20km away or local HE gunfire had something to do with this.

A limited number of slip roads and flyovers will be available at Colours 2012