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New Flintloque Scenario by Bob Minadeo Now Online

Orcs in the Webbe has posted up a new Flintloque scenario online. Go check it out.


From the post:

Heya Folks!

Today OITW casts it's eye to the frozen North of Alternative Armies' blackpowder wargame, Flintloque.

Colonel Buster and his ally, the 'shiny' non-blood magicke using Vampyre Edvarda, take on the nefarious undead rogues Scooby Doom and Raggy who have not only a squad of Cossacks at their disposal but also an improved version of Gravinski's reanimator and no shortage of corpses...

"The Cossacks of Doom" by Bob Minadeo is now available on the OITW 2013 Advent Calendar.