New Flintloque Scenario at Barking Irons

Barking Irons Online have posted a new Flintloque scenario – Short Fuses at the Bridge.

From their announcement:

Today, for your gaming pleasure, Barking Irons brings you a brand new scenario by Mark Lesny.

In “Short Fuses at the Bridge” the Ostarian Engineer Viktor Von Grossedogge and his brave sappers have been tasked with destroying a bridge deep in the Duchy of Coltz. Guarding the bridge are a unit each of brave Centaurs and ferocious Werewolves. Luckily for Grossdogge he has a unit of the Frei Corps Von Chum to keep him safe. Unluckily for them the Werewolves have a cannon…

Keep The Flag Flying!

Craig Andrews
Barking Irons