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New Flintloque Release from Alternative Armies - Fruscati Grenadieria

Alternative Armies has a new (and pretty unique) release for Flintloque: the Fruscati Grenadieria.

From the release:

Now in full release the Big Todoroni of the Fruscati Grenadieria
Bigger and tougher than most Todoroni the Fruscati pack a punch!
Choose from a Slaughterloo Unit Box or Flintloque Blister Packs with the following codes.
56541-U Fruscati Grenaderia (20 Big Todoroni)
56128 Fruscati Grenaderia Command (2 Big Todoroni)
56129 Fruscati Grenaderia Colours (2 Big Todoroni)
56130 Fruscati Grenaderia Privates II (2 Big Todoroni)
56014 Fruscati Grenaderia Privates (2 Big Todoroni)