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New Flesh-eater Courts Battletome Available to Order from Games Workshop

I know a lot of people for whom Halloween is a year-round thing. Well, Games Workshop isn't waiting for the time of year for ghouls and ghosts to start taking orders for their new Battletome which, coincidentally, is full of ghouls and other things that go "bump" in the night. And along with the book, there's various sets you can order as well.

The new book has in it the full history of the Flesh-eater Courts, as well as an explanation of why it is they do what they do. There's also full background on each unit as well as the various monsters. There's also three Battleplans and twelve warscrolls, so there's plenty of new "crunch" for you rules-lovers out there (such as myself).

The new unit boxes cover many of those aforementioned units. You've got ghouls, vargheists, flayers, and all other sort of screetchy-horrors.