New Flames of war Traysets for KR Multicase

KR Multicase have released new foam trays for Flames of War miniatures.

KR Multicase FW2

From their announcement:

With the recent update of our website we have added 2 new pre-filled cases for Flames of War gamers. The 25 compartment trays for command bases (or small vehicles like US army jeeps etc) are proving a big hit for Flames of War players so we have added the FW3 and FW4 pre-filled cases to the range. Choose from card, aluminium or the Kaiser carrying system.

The 4 versatile traysets for the standard size case are:

  • FW1 : 72 standard bases, 54 mid size vehicles/tanks
  • FW2 : 36 standard bases, 54 mid size vehicles/tanks, plus 10 large tanks
  • FW3 : 25 command bases, 54 standard bases, 54 mid size vehicles/tanks
  • FW4 : 50 command bases, 36 standard bases, 54 mid size vehicles/tanks

In all trays a large bases can take the place of 2 standard ones to suit your needs.

With our new “select by brand” website you can find them on their dedicated shop page.

Using the modular tray system from KR you can even choose a personal tray selection to suit your specific army. Fill a standard case as above, or for larger armies use the double size cases or KaiserTwo. See our unique TraySelector app to help you fill a case.

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