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New Flames of War content posted

Battlefront have updated the Flames of War website with new articles and product spotlights Articles The September Campaign This week the efforts of a very dedicated Flames of War player came to light and we were all blown away and wanted to make sure that the entire Flames of War community had a chance to have a look as well. Alexander "Anatoli" Kawczynski has created a campaign built around a series of scenarios designed to let you refight the invasion of Poland. Polish Forces In Italy PDF “For this action let the lion spirit enter your hearts, keep deep in your heart God, honour and our land — Poland! Go and take revenge for all the suffering in our land, for what you have suffered for many years in Russia and for years of separation from your families!” ~ General Anders, addressing the troops before Monte Cassino. Major J.L.C. Lovelace Reporting Sir Phil puts on his British Officers Cap and talks about his experiences playing the Studio’s Infantry Aces Campaign featured in WI284-285. Panzerschreck 2011 Report & Results Panzerschreck 2011 has been and gone once more. This year was a teeny bit special for us because it marked the 10th anniversary of 'the' first Flames of War tournament, ever! We also follow the exploits of Mike and Chris from the Battlefront team that travelled down for a weekend of gaming. Spotlights Fallschirmjäger Division Token Set (TK025) At the centre of the German defence in Cassino is the tough 1. Fallschirmjägerdivision (1st Parachute Division). These veterans have been fighting the Allies for many months and know how to dig in and hold their ground. Nisei Token Set (TK026) No unit is more eager to earn respect from their peers than the Nisei (second generation Japanese-American) soldiers of the US 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Goum Token Set (TK027) The French Expeditionary Corps (or FEC) is attached to the US 5th Army. The French advocated using the seemingly impossible mountain routes to outflank the Gustav Line. As always, the fearsome Goums lead the way. Indian Infantry Division Token Set (TK028) The 4th and 8th Indian Divisions are both battle-hardened infantry divisions. They are well-versed in mountain warfare and river crossings, making them ideal troops for the battles of Cassino. 91st Cavalry Token Set (TK029) The 91st Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron has built up an impressive combat record before Cassino and expanding on this during their time in Italy. Tropic Lightning Intelligence Briefing Wargames Illustrated 282 we brought you one of the most exciting things to happen to Flames of War, Tropic Lightning joined their Airmobile friends in the fight for the jungles of Vietnam. This issue proved to be our fastest selling copy ever and despite a larger print run than usual we found ourselves contacted by customers who had either missed out or wanted to encourage their friends to join them. In direct response to this, the 40 page briefing is now available to purchase via the online store. Additionally if you purchase any two Vietnam box sets, we will give you a copy for free (make sure you add a copy to your order to ensure that you get your FREEBIE!).