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New Flames of War content posted

Battlefront have updated the Flames of War website with several new articles and a product spotlight. Articles Preview of Cassino In Cassino you can spearhead the Allied assault or take up positions in along the tough German defensive lines. Take command as the Goums, Nisei, US cavalry, Indians or New Zealanders and push the Germans out of the way and march on Rome. Or lead the tough German paratroopers, grenadiers and Panzergrenadiers to repel everything the Allies throw at you. New Zealand Mid-war Doubles Grand Tournament Results The weekend of the 21-22 May 2011 saw Battlefront host the Mid-war edition of the New Zealand Grand Tournament. Unlike other New Zealand Grand Tournaments that Battlefront have hosted in the past, this event featured a Doubles format; with two players joining forces, each fielding a 1000 point army. This meant that 4000 points worth of Flames Of War models were in action during each game. Escalation Forces for Flames Of War Vietnam: Part Two In part one of this series of two articles on building forces for Flames Of War Vietnam, we looked at getting started in this new era with some smaller battles. This means getting your soldiers onto the battlefield sooner rather than later which is a key consideration. Part two focuses on the larger armies and battles with some suggestions for list building as well as a brief discussion about the special rules introduced in the Wargames Illustrated supplement Tropic Lightning. Battlefront UK Plays Infantry Aces: Part Two This week we will begin presenting of the different armies and the players leading them. Hungarian Border Fighting in 1944 As war continued to push closer the Hungarian border, provisions were made for mobilising more forces in the form of Reserve or Replacement divisions. These were formed along the same organisation as the first line divisions, but usually had less artillery available, with just three instead of four battalions, and no assault artillery battalion. The Battle for Torda 1944 In late August 1944 the Hungarian command decided to make a push towards the Southern Carpathian Mountains to seize the passes before the Red Army could move through them. They faced the Romanian First Army, which was made up of a mix of units still rebuilding after the campaign in the Crimea and training units. Hungarian Infantry Forces in 1944 After their experience on the Don River in the winter of 1942/43 the Hungarians instituted a number of changes to their infantry forces in 1943. The Siege of Calais, May 1940 The siege of Calais in May 1940 was one of the epic battles of the French campaign. In an attempt to stop the rapid German advance, a tiny force of crack British riflemen were landed at Calais, only to be overwhelmed after a heroic stand of three days. Spotlight Motorcycle Platoon (BR400) Motorcycle companies have three small motorcycle platoons, each with three sections armed with Bren light machine-guns, and a light mortar and anti-tank rifle to be allocated to the sections as needed.