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New Flames of War content posted

Battlefront have updated the Flames of War website with new articles and product spotlights. Articles The Axis Romanian Army in 1944 The Romanians Axis ’44 Intelligence Briefing is a comprehensive PDF covering the Romanian forces during the fighting in 1944 as they tried to cling on to the Crimea and then as they defended their country from the advancing Red Army. The briefing covers the period from January to August 1944, until they ended their alliance with the Germans and were pressured to fight alongside the Soviets. This week we release the Companie Tancuri (Light Tank Company) and the Companie Tancuri Medii (Medium Tank Company) PDF. Stalin's Europe Doubles Battle Wayne and Victor pit their Hungarian armies up against Mike's Romanians and Sean's Soviets in this Stalin's Europe themed Doubles battle report. Battlefront UK Plays Infantry Aces Part One Cassino, like Stalingrad was a protracted slugging match where the infantry took centre stage due to the terrain with every inch gained paid for dearly in blood. What fascinates me most about the battles is that so many nationalities fought there; Germans, Americans, British, New Zealanders, Indians, Polish and French, making the battle a great example of the varied troop types that fought in the Italian theatre. Wayne's Magyar Steel Since Wayne is the aficionado of Hungarian forces in Flames Of War here in the Battlefront Studio and the author of Stalin’s Europe; we’d thought we’d take a closer look at his Hungarian Harckocsizó Század or Tank Company. We’ve already seen what a great job he did with his Rohamágyús Üteg, the Hungarian Assault Gun Battery featuring the Zrínyi II now it’s time for the Turán II to step into the spotlight. Spotlights Self Propelled 47mm Anti-tank Platoon (FRX01) The idea behind mounting the 47mm SA-34 gun on a vehicle capable of travelling cross-country was simple; to increase mobility in comparison to the more static towed Anti-tank guns of the French Army. 25mm SA-34 Hotchkiss gun (FR500) With an effective flash suppressor, the SA-34 guns proved very difficult to spot when fired and on one occasion, a lone SA-34 was able to take out seven German Panzers in a single engagement. French Dice Set (DD012) The French Dice set contains sixteen French themed full-colour gaming dice that can be used with any French Army featured in Blitzkrieg. Featuring the French Roundel as the 6 on each die; these are a must for any French player in Flames Of War. Renault AMR-35 ZT-2 & ZT-3 (FR140) The first five motorised GRDI each have an anti-tank platoon equipped with Renault AMR?35 ZT-2 and AMR-35 ZT-3 armoured cars. Only ten of each of these odd little two-man vehicles were built. They mount the same 25mm SA-35 gun as the Panhard AMD-35.