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New Flames of War content posted

The Flames of War website has been updated with several new articles and product spotlights Articles The Battle of the La Fière Causeway: A Battle Report with Mike & Wayne Having both worked on the Turning Tide and Earth & Steel, Mike and I thought we should be the ones to bring you the first Normandy battle reports on the website. While looking at the many forces in the books, we were at a bit of a loss what to start with. Then Mike had a great idea to re-fight the encounter between the German Panzer Ausbildungs und Ersatz Abteilung 100 and the US 82nd Airborne Division over the Merderet River on 6-9 June 1944. Earth & Steel Design Notes I had the privilege of compiling the German forces of our Normandy books into Earth & Steel. From the start Mike and I wanted the Normandy compilations to be more then just the contents of our older books wrapped up in two volumes. We wanted to include some of the best forces from the website and also add some new content. Mike was particularly keen in include the content covering the fight to take Brittany that came about as a result of the success of Operation Cobra. Indianhead: The US 2nd Infantry Division in France June-September 1944 The division, under the command of Major General Walter Robertson, landed on Omaha Beach on 7 June (D+1) 1944 and immediately set to work securing the beach, mopping up German resistance, and liberating the town of Trévières before moving inland. Casey's T-34 Panzerkompanie Following J.C Von Winterbach’s wonderful articles on Beutepanzers over the last few weeks I thought I’d post up my attempt at a T-34 Panzerkompanie that I recently finished. How To Start a Flames Of War League Part Two In November our game club started an escalation league as a way to introduce new players to Flames Of War and help them build up their armies to tournament size over the course of three stages. In stage two the army size increased from 600 to 1000 points enabling players to expand their force beyond the required Company HQ and Combat platoons to include more weapon and support platoons. Villers-Bocage Scenarios With the release of the new D-Day compilations, Turning Tide and Earth & Steel; the scenarios that featured in the original books were omitted in order to make space for all the new army lists. However, we didn't want these to disappear altogether so we decided to provide the scenarios featured in these books as PDF downloads for your enjoyment. Flames Of War on YouTube Jeff Brooks demonstrates how to paint the German Panzer IV/70, the Soviet 76mm Sherman and the SU-100 from Stalin's Europe. RHQ TV RHQ-TV has just released episode two with one of the videos was dedicated to Flames Of War. In this epiosde, Gavin "Slardy" Clarke un-boxes the Sd Kfz 231 (6-Rad) (GE320) and the Kradschutsen Platoon (GBX37). He also paints up the 6-Rad and talks about that and 15mm painting in general. Spotlights FFI Company (FRX04) The Forces Françaises de l’Intérieur, or French Forces of the Interior (FFI) was the military arm of the French resistance movement. Before the Allied invasion of Normandy, it was a secret organisation, conducting sabotage and small raids on the enemy. However, once the Allies landed, the whole organisation took to the streets, woods and bocage to rise up and fight their former oppressors. FFI Rifle Platoon (FR860) Reinforce the FFI Company with the FFI Rifle Platoon. SMG Platoon (US801) The 2nd Infantry Division received a number of Thompson submachine-guns as an experiment to test their worth in city fighting. The submachine-guns were given out to companies which were free to use them as they saw fit. M2 .50cal AA (US543) The M2 .50 cal machine-gun was utilised in various roles during the Second World War. It was mounted on tanks, in fighter aircraft, used for self-defence by bombers and as an Anti-aircraft weapon by troops on the ground. Turning Tide Token Sets We take a look at the Task Force A and 1st Infantry Division gaming sets for the forces featured in Turning Tide.