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Battlefront have updated the Flames of War website with new content. Articles 11th Armoured Division During Operation Market Garden Goes Official The 11th Armoured Division was widely recognised as one of the best British armoured divisions in the Second World War. Commanded by the desert legend Pip Roberts, 11th Armoured was a flashing rapier that cut into the heart of German defences in many battles including Goodwood, Epsom, Market Garden, the Battle of the Bulge, and more. 6th Guards Tank Brigade in Normandy In September 1941 two brigades of the Foot Guards were converted to an armoured role. This formation was the Guards Armoured Division, commanded by Brigadier Adair. A year later the two brigades were split. One retained the Guards Armoured Division name; the other containing the 4th Coldstream, 4th Grenadier and 3rd Scots Guards regiments, formed what became known as the 6th Guards Tank Brigade. Hellfire and Back Product Preview We take a sneak peek at some of the products for the upcoming Early War book Hellfire and Back; covering the North Africa campaign from the Italian invasion of Egypt till the end of Operation Crusader. Spotlights Churchill Platoon (BBX23) The heavily-armoured ā€˜Iā€™ tanks work closely with the infantry, escorting them forward and providing direct fire support in order to get them onto the objective. Italian Monastery (BB115) Across Europe Monasteries and Churches were an important part of the local community providing a place for eduction and religious service, as well as being a stout building in times of trouble. In World War Two they could provide the cornerstone of a defence with snipers or observers hiding in the bell tower, causing trouble for any attacker. Italian Vineyards (BB116) These vineyards provide a place for defending forces to dig in safe from casual observation behind rows of vines, where they can ambush an unwary foe. Vehicles find the vines difficult going, forcing an attacker to either bypass the defenders or risk bogging down. Rural Roads (BB117) Road networks are the heart of supply and communication across the battlefield. An unpaved rural road will allow trucks and half-tracks to move much faster than they do cross-country due to the lack of major obstacles. Even tanks benefit from roads since they often offer paths through difficult terrain that may otherwise cause them to bog down. T8E1 Turretless Stuart (USO188) with Modelling Guide During the Cassino campaign, the 760th Tank Battalion supported the Nisei 100th Battalion in the attacks on the Barracks north of Cassino. They were unique in that they adopted the British technique of removing some of the turrets from their Stuart light tanks and arming them with a .50 cal machine gun instead. This tank, designated the T8E1, improved their mobility and allowed them to support the infantry in terrain that would otherwise have stopped them.