New Flames of War articles posted

The Flames of War website has been updated with several new articles. SS-Panzergrenadier Divisions in 1942-43 During the 1930’s the SS (Schutz Staffel or Protection Squad) became the main paramilitary arm of the German Nazi Party. As time went on, the Waffen-SS (Armed SS) was formed as the combat arm of the SS. The Waffen-SS effectively formed a fourth arm of the military alongside the Heer (Army), Luftwaffe (Air Force) and Kriegsmarine (Navy). This article looks at the SS-Panzergrenadier divisions operating in Russia in 1942 and 1943. Soviet Tankovy Batalon Tactics For the Soviets nothing says late war like the tank. During the latter part of 1943 and particularly in 1944/45 the enduring image of the Soviet army were the masses of T-34/85s rumbling across eastern Europe, with the support of the monsters of armoured warfare: the JS-2 and ISU122/152. With armoured vehicle production topping 1000 units a month, Soviet tank forces were a steel juggernaut crushing all before it. Assembling the Brummbär (Mid) with Schürzen Pinning Guide We take a look at how to assemble and pin the schürzen the newly release Brummbär (Mid). Mid-War Airborne Assault Rules Update Thanks to some feedback on the Forum a couple of irregularities have be fixed in the Airborne Assault rules for Mid-war. We neglected to include the Fallschirmjäger Artillery Battery in the list of platoons that could be taken with a Fallschirmjägerkompanie and Fallschirmpionierkompanie. We also changed the Glider Assault rules to allow the Fallschirmjäger Artillery Battery to have four gliders.