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New Flames of War articles posted

Battlefront have updated the Flames of War website with several new articles. Cassino: The Terrain Tables We thought we'd share with you some photos of the terrain tables built especially for the Cassino book. I'm sure you'll agree that Mark Hazell did a great job with Mike Haught's supervision on these table; and they are only enhanced further with the addition of some miniatures to really bring the tables to life. Hungarian Infantry Forces in 1944 Goes Official After their experience on the Don River in the winter of 1942/43 the Hungarians instituted a number of changes to their infantry forces in 1943. The first of these reforms was known as the Szabolcs I plan and was updated in early 1944 to the Szabolcs II plan. The new infantry divisions were based around three 3-battalion infantry regiments (the forces on the Don were two regiment light divisions). The Old and The New: Part Two Retrofitting the New Plastic Flying Stand In part two of The Old and The New, we'll show you how you can use the new plastic flying stand on the older versions of the Huey helicopter from the Battle of Ia Drang Valley. The 12th Royal Lancers in France, 1940 The 12th Royal Lancers was first formed as Bowles Dragoons in 1715. In 1928, the regiment gave up their beloved horses for armoured cars, becoming one of the first British cavalry regiments to become mechanised. The regiment was well trained, but the quality of the men was not matched by their equipment. When war came the regiment were equipped with Morris CS9 armoured cars, essentially a lightly armoured box on top of a Morris 15-cwt chassis. The 12th Lancers were under command of Lieutenant-Colonel Herbert Lumsden, an energetic and forceful officer.