New Flames of War articles posted

Battlefront have added four new articles to the Flames of War website. British 1st Armoured Division, France 1940 The British 1st Armoured Division had its origins as a ‘Mobile Division’ formed in October 1937. From its inception, the division was a tank-heavy formation designed for cavalry-style exploitation, rapid attacks, mobile operations on a fluid battlefield and reconnaissance in force. Assembling the British Rifle Company Mark demonstrates how to assemble the British Rifle Company for Early-war. Polish Painting Guide For Early War If you're wondering what colours to paint your Early-war Poles, look no further. Assembling and Painting the Char B with Tom Wise Tom Wise is one of the more prolific collectors and painters of Flames Of War miniatures around. Not only is he an excellent painter but he is a highly respected member of the Flames Of War universe, donating his time to paint for competition prizes support and sharing his work in the Gallery section of the forum in the form of painting and assembling Guides. We therefore decided to share the fruits of his labour with you, this week we take a look at his guide to assembling and painting the French Char B for Early-war.