New Flames of War articles posted

The Flames of War website has been updated with three new articles today.

Staff Early War Armies – Casey’s Kompania Czołgów
My favourite aspect of Flames Of War have always been painting and modelling. So any army I tend to build is due to its coolness factor, rather than trying to create the optimal gaming list. While researching and working on the Blitzkrieg book, the French and Polish tanks were the two forces that jumped out at me due to the cool camouflage schemes featured on the vehicles.

Recognising The Tanks Of Early-War
We take a sneak peek at the tanks of Early-war for the Germans, British, French and Poles as featured in Blitzkrieg: The German Invasion Of Poland and France 1939-1940.

Guerrilla Train Raids
One very effective way to disrupt an enemy’s war plans is to cut their vital railroad lines and destroy their supplies. Trains were a target for all of the major partisan and guerrilla operations in World War II, including Byelorussia, Finland, Russia, France, Yugoslavia, Italy and Poland