New Flames of War articles posted

Several new articles have been posted to the Flames of War website. Firestorm Market Garden Design Notes Firestorm Market Garden supplement’s the two battle-books, Hell’s Highway and A Bridge Too Far. We wanted to give players the opportunity to build their lists and get into the swing of Operation Market Garden before they had to get down to the serious business of playing a campaign, so we planned to finish our focus on this interesting period with our Firestorm campaign, rather than part way through as we did with Firestorm Bagration. German Grenadierdivision and Regiments The German Grenadierdivision, or infantry division, is a very conventional formation. Perhaps the most interesting thing about it is how little it changed throughout the war and how close most other armies came to the German model by the end of the war. Eyes and Ears: Recon Forces in Flames Of War My brother Andrew and I have been playing recon forces for a long time. We both enjoy the light feel of these forces, requiring a delicate mix of thoughtful tactics and daring gumption. Like most brothers, we’re diametrically opposed in many aspects and our Flames Of War playing style is no exception. Dogs and Devils Pre-release Guide Dogs & Devils brings Flames Of War players into the slugfest that was Italy. The forces that landed at Anzio together with those hurled against them are available to clash across the valleys and mountains of Italy. Assaulting horrendous defences, cracking a hole in the German lines, and fending off desperate counterattacks will consume your army’s efforts.