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New Flames of War articles posted

Battlefront have updated the Flames of War website with several new articles. Battlefront TV: Spotlight on New Desert Themed Battlefield in a Box Terrain John-Paul takes a look at the five new Desert Themed Battlefield in a Box Terrain sets. Battlefront TV: Flames Of War Decal Basics Blake takes a look at the basics of how to apply decals to your tanks, and gives a few tips to make the process easier and avoid a few of the common problems. Battlefront TV: Hellfire and Back Design Notes Hellfire and Back covers the battles in Libya and Egypt between the Italian invasion of Egypt on 13 September 1940 until the end of Operation Crusader at the end of December 1941. During that time both the Allies and Axis raced backwards and forwards across the desert, each achieving overwhelming victories only to see the other side recover to come back at them once again. Hauptmann Otto Meyer Reporting Sir... Anybody who has played a game of Flames Of War against me knows how I love my tanks. So when the Battlefront Studio planned on playing the Infantry Aces campaign, it gave me an opportunity to experiment with an infantry force in Flames Of War. Historicon 2011: Report and Results The Early War Nationals had 56 players from all over North America representing every nation that can be played. The stage was set for a great showdown of some highly ranked and respected players and we were not disappointed. Iron Cross Painting Competition Winners Our yearly Iron Cross Painting Competition was held at Historicon and we had a very nice selection of miniatures. The judges spent a long time deliberating about each entry trying to determine the winners and here are the results. Fielding A Soviet Heavy Tank Killer Company Goes Official You can field a Heavy Tank Killer Company in any Late War Soviet force with a Tank Killer Company support option. Late-War Briefings Also Updated: The points for Soviet IS-85, the German Pionierkompanie and the German Panzerpionierkompanie now have options for the 21cm NW42 rocket launchers. Infantry Aces Battle Report: Part One Build-up To The Battle In this Cassino themed battle report, we present an Infantry Aces game with a twist. Rather than using a pair of Infantry Aces that have been created from scratch, we decided to field Hauptmann Siegfried Jamrowski leading 1. Fallschirmjägerdivision against the 442nd Regimental Combat Team that included Lieutenant Daniel Inouye. In part one, we begin the build-up to the battle.