New Flames of War articles and videos available

The Flames of War website has been updated with several new articles, product spotlights and videos.

Flames Of War on YouTube
Jeff Brooks has been busy putting together video demonstrations on how to paint various Flames Of War models, in this two part edition he demonstrates how to paint the Street Barricades.

Part One
Part Two
Street Barricades

RHQ-TV has just broadcast another Flames Of War related video in a Terrain Studio segment. This time it is a tutorial in creating smoke plume markers for wrecked and damaged tanks. The video is presented by Shawn Morris, formerly from The Terrain Guy channel.

Pimp Your Bunker III: Adding Details
I have to put a big apology out there as I wasn’t able to get as much done on my bunker as I would have liked. Still, I thought I would post up my progress and then follow up with another article finishing off the project.

Polish Units in Exile
As early as mid-September, 1939, Marshall Edward Rydz-?mig?y, Commander-in-Chief of the Polish armed forces, foresaw the importance of having a viable evacuation route out of Poland. This evacuation route, the so-called Romanian Bridgehead, became even more important on September 17th, when the Soviet Union invaded Poland from the east.

Horse Power: Horses and the German Army of World War II
So you have just purchased a German Motorised Panzergrenadier Company or an Armoured Panzergrenadier Platoon and are getting ready to paint and base them. Have you given any thought to just how representative your army really was of the typical German Army Group? So was the German army some sort of mechanised juggernaut, the epitome of mechanical efficiency, combining lightening speed and awesome military power?

Featured Event: Showcase Showdown
Battlefront Miniatures USA presents an Early War Partners Tournament in conjunction with Mike and team at Showcase Comics. What makes this event so special is that you partner up with a friend (or maybe your nemesis), one of you taking a German list and the other taking an Allied list. Unlike a doubles tournament you won’t be playing together on the same table, however your combined results will dictate which team will be victorious at the end of the weekend!

Panzerschreck X
The Manawatu Duellists Society are once again proud to host the world’s longest running Flames Of War tournament, Panzerschreck X. Being held this year at Riverdale School Hall, Slacks Road, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

2011 New Zealand Flames Of War Mid-war Doubles Tournament
Welcome to the 2011 New Zealand Flames Of War Mid-War Doubles Grand Tournament! We look forward to offering you a unique experience that includes challenging missions, excellent scenery, and some good old-fashioned fun.

U-Boat Tactics in World War Two
Outside of tank combat in World War Two, the most fascinating topic for me is the attempt by the German U-boat arm to cut Britain’s shipping lifeline across the Atlantic. So when a copy of Osprey’s U-boat Tactics in World War Two arrived at the Battlefront Studio, I put my hand up to review it for the website.

Polish Train (PBX05)
Armoured trains were critical to Poland’s survival prior to World War Two and even in 1939 were still considered to be an important part of the army. Equipped with a staggering array of firepower these trains were capable of providing mobile artillery support to attacking Polish forces, while their armour and mobility meant they could also cover a withdrawal.

Mounted Kawalerii Regiment (PBX06)
The regiments of the twelve Brygada Kawalerii (Cavalry Brigades) represent the elite of the Polish Army. The men volunteered for a two-year term rather than the single year of the infantry conscripts. The quality of their officers and men provided them with their only significant advantage over the Germans during the campaign in September 1939.

Dismounted Kawalerii Company (PL721)
The role of cavalry in the modern age was not necessarily to ride down the enemy with lance and sabre, but to use their horses to get to the battlefield and manoeuvre around the flanks of the enemy. Once in position, the cavalry generally dismount and fight on foot as infantry (although a mounted reserve is often held available if resources permit).

Motorcycle Platoon (PL400)
Each motorised regiment and the brigade’s reconnaissance group have a motorcyclist platoon with (at least in theory) six reconnaissance groups. In the Warsaw Armoured-Motorised Brigade the motorcyclists operate with the tankette platoons as a mobile strike force able to move from crisis point to crisis point as needed.

Polish Dice Set (DD011)
On 1 September 1939, Hitler plunged Europe into the Second World War by invading Poland. Massively outnumbered, the Poles resolved to fight for their country, hoping in vain that the British and French would attack Germany from the West to even the odds. Germany, with five times as many modern tanks and aircraft as Poland, sliced through the Polish Army striking for Warsaw. The gallant Poles held out for three weeks after Warsaw was surrounded, fighting hard the whole time, but were eventually overwhelmed.

Polish Dice Set (DD011)…