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New Flames of War articles and Spotlights posted

The Flames of War website has been updated with several new articles and product spotlights Articles Building the Battery of the Dead Table: Part One The Battery of the Dead table was built for a supplementally article for Stalin’s Europe which featured in Wargames Illustrated 278. The table was designed for a scenario written by Wayne and needed to be detailed enough for some nice close up photos of the action. German Beutepanzer Modifications Following from the article about German Beutepanzer Markings, J.C. expands on the Beutepanzers with a look at some of the German modifications made to these tanks. Product Spotlights DUKW Section (UBX24) The DUKW (also known as the Duck) was used in landings in the Mediterranean, and on the beaches of Normandy during the D-Day invasion, moving troops and vital supplies ashore to keep the Allies fighting. Panzer IV/70 Platoon (GBX36) The Panzer IV/70 tank was derived from the Jagdpanzer IV tank-hunter. The Jagdpanzer IV was designed as a replacement for the StuG G and StuG IV. It became known as Guderian’s Duck after General Heinz Guderian objected to its introduction. He felt that the StuG assault guns were more than adequate and production resources were better spent on Panzer IV tanks. Zrínyi II (HU100) After their experience against the Soviets on the Eastern Front, the Hungarian military leaders requested a self-propelled assault gun to aid in their efforts against the hordes of Soviet armour. TAC 47mm Schneider (RO510) The light anti-tank guns provide the infantry with a level of protection from German and Hungarian light and medium tanks. Positioned well, their fire can halt Axis tank assaults. TAC 43 Re?i?a 75mm gun (RO520) In 1944 each division’s artillery had a battery of anti-tank guns equipped with TAC 43 Re?i?a 75mm anti-tank guns. This modern weapon combined aspects of the German PaK40 and the Soviet ZIS-3 anti-tank guns to create an effective weapon capable of destroying most enemy tanks. M4 76mm (M4A2 Sherman) (SU073) The American Emcha (M4A2 Sherman) is very different from the Soviet built T-34 tank. It is higher and not as wide, but the Emchisti (Sherman tankers) like it for its reliability and spacious interior. Axis Decals (GE943) The Axis Decal set contains 4 decal sheets. Everything you need to mark your Finnish, Romanian and Hungarian vehicles. Stalin's Europe Gaming Sets To aid in the struggle for Budapest, we provide the gaming sets for the Romanians, Hungarians and the Feldherrnhalle Division to supplement the forces featured in Stalin's Europe.