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Tactics and Strategy for Fielding Montgomery in Early War
Russell Briant explains the tactics and strategy behind fielding Montgomery in Early-war.

Assembling the French Infantry Company
Mark show you how to assemble the French Infantry Company for Early-war.

Mike Haycock’s Light Panzer Company Revisited
We continue our feature on the Battlefront staff members Early-war armies by revisiting Mike’s Light Panzer

Tom’s Painting Table
This week we take a look at Tom’s 21st Panzer Divison in Normandy.

Scout Carrier Platoon (BR207)
As well as its light tanks, a divisional cavalry regiment was also equipped with Scout Carriers. The Scout Carrier has the Bren light machine-gun in the rear crew compartment on the opposite side from the infantry’s Bren Gun Carrier as the forward compartment was occupied by a Boys anti-tank rifle. In line with their cavalry role, every carrier is equipped with a No. 11 Wireless (radio) set.

Bren Carrier Platoon (BR208)
Each infantry battalion has a carrier platoon of three patrols. Each patrol has three Bren Gun Carriers, each crewed by an NCO, a driver/mechanic and a rifleman. The carriers are armed with a Bren light machine-gun, with one carrier in each patrol armed with a Boys anti-tank rifle as well.

Major General Montgomery (BR887)
At the start of the Second World War he was a 51 year-old Major-General, who had just assumed command of the 3rd (Ironsides) Division. ‘Monty’, as his troops came to call him, immediately set about training his division, weeding out officers he thought not up to the job in the process. His training on how to conduct rearguards and to march at night would be needed in the fighting ahead.

French Decal Set (FR940)
We take a look at the French Decal Set for Early-war.