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The Flames of War website has been updated with new articles and product spotlights.

Scenario: Operation Fischfang
Ken supplies a Flames Of War scenario for wargaming Operation Fischfang.

Canadian and British Commando Dieppe Forces Go Official
With the release of North Africa, and all the special rules for the different nationalities within the forces of the British Empire and her Dominions, I thought it would be an opportune time to revisit fielding the Canadian and British forces who took part in the Dieppe raid.

More Downloadable Resources For Firestorm Market Garden
Due to popular demand, we’ve now added information regarding the troop types to the downloadable resources for Firestorm Market Garden.

Heavy Anti-Aircraft Artillery Platoon (UBX20)
Development of the M1 90mm Anti-aircraft gun begun in 1938 and was intended to replace the aging 3″ gun currently in service. The larger calibre would enable the gun to target aircraft that were now flying faster and higher than ever.

HG Pioneer Platoon (GE807)
During the campaign in Italy, the Pioneers of the Hermann Göring Division were called upon to perform all the specialist engineering tasks. They were charged with laying minefields, preparing bunkers and other defensive positions.

HG 7.5cm leIG18 gun (GE558)
The 7.5cm leIG18 was developed by Rheinmetall following WWI. It was adopted by the Wehrmacht in 1927 and remained in service until 1945.

HG 15cm sIG33 gun (GE559)
The 15cm siG33 gun has been a reliable infantry gun for many years, and it will continue to lend its devastating fire support to our troops.