New Flames of War articles and Spotlights

The Flames of War website has been updated with several new articles and product spotlights.

The Lion and The Eagle – Part Three The Soviet Counterattack at Kiestinki
The Soviet high command realised that the Finnish 3rd Corps at Kiestinki was still the force with the best chance to cut the Murmansk railway. Not knowing that the Finnish government had ordered 3rd Corps not to pursue the objective further, the Soviets organised a large counterattack as soon as they were able in early 1942.

Battle of the Ukraine: November – December 1943 An Axis of Attack Campaign
Craig Courtis walks us through his Axis of Attack campaign for the Battle of the Ukraine.

Perth Flames Of War Interclub Challenge Rules
Neil Todd takes us through is interclub challenge rules for Flames Of War

New Custom Kit Bag Foam Trays
We tell you how to get your own custom foam trays for your Army Kit Bag.

Parachute Royal Engineers (BR806)
The Royal Engineers of the 1st Airborne Division are here to help bolster your defensive perimeter. They are equipped to lay mines and demolish bunkers. They are also adept at foraging around and reusing German barbed wire and generally preparing your force for the enemy counterattack.