New Flames of War articles and spotlights

The Flames of War website has een updated with several new articles and product spotlights.

The Lion and the Eagle – Part Two Operation Silberfuchs
In the north Silberfuchs consisted of three separate thrusts, each one of which was along an east-west aimed at different points on the Murmansk railway. If any one of the thrusts was successful, the railway line to Moscow would be cut and supplies of Allied Lend-Lease equipment to the Soviet Union lost. However the vast northern wastes of Lapland meant that each attacking column was separated by over 200 miles.

Winter Warfare
When the cruel cloak of winter fell across the Russian Front the fighting did not stop, even as its tendrils of ice and snow made their way insidiously into the trenches and bunkers of the Germans and Russians, the war went on.

U.S. National Tournament at Historicon 2010
We provide information on the U.S. National Flames Of War Tournament being held at Historicon, including an event timetable, rules and army list requirements and details on this year’s Iron Cross Painting Competition.

Flames Of War International Player Ranking System
Battlefront Miniatures in conjunction with Rankings HQ, is pleased to announce the creation of a Flames Of War international player ranking system.

Competition Update
We have some announcements regarding our What’s in a Name competition and details on our new Market Garden painting competition.

Airlanding Heavy Anti-Tank Platoon (BBX19)
Landed via Hamilcar gliders the 17pdr guns provide the paratroopers with the anti-tank asset they require. When placed well, these heavy guns are more than capable of seeing off even the heaviest German tank.

US Para Commanders
We take a look at the American Airborne Commanders Brigadier General James Gavin and Major General Maxwell Taylor and how to represent them in Flames Of War.

10. SS-Panzerdivision ‘Frundsberg’ Gaming Set (TD030)
The 10. SS Panzerdivision ‘Frundsberg’ was resting after holding back the Allies during the Normandy Campaign when the Allied paratroop assault begain on Arnhem during Operation Market Garden. Paired up with 9. SS Panzer
Division ‘Hohenstaufen’, the two units constituted the II SS Panzer Corps. The Division would continue to fight on the Western and Eastern fronts through to the end of the war.

SS Decals (GE954)
The SS Decals feature a varity of Divisional Symbols, Balkenkreuz and individual numbers.