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New Flames of War articles

Battlefront have updated the Flames of War website with several new articles. Victor and Sean at the Mid War GT When I heard everyone in the Battlefront Studio talking about the Mid War Grand Tournament, I started thinking if I actually had any figures or models to field a Mid-war Army. I then remembered I had base-coated some Tigers for a 1942 Schwere Panzerkompanie from Eastern Front and realised this would be as good a time as any to get them finished. Battlefront UK Plays Infantry Aces: Part Four This week the games continue; as Anders' Goums and Dan’s Ghurkhas were pitted against Alex’s Fallschirmjäger and Matt’s Reichgrenadiers. The Old and The New: Part One Retrofitting the New Plastic Rotors Since the plastic rotor sprue has now become available via Special Order, it is possible to retrofit your older Huey models from the Battle of the Ia Drang Valley with the new plastic rotors if you wish. Lepkowski’s Prisonbreak: The Brasprats Raid, 16 August 1944 When Leutnant (lieutenant) Erich Lepkowski called his 5. Kompanie (5th Company) together he knew the daring mission he was about to give his men had to succeed. Failure meant certain death for 130 of his fellow Fallschimjäger (paratrooper) comrades in arms. A Brief History of the Italian Campaign 1943-45 On 17 August 1943 US troops finally entered Messina at the northern tip of Sicily, it proved a hollow final victory at the end of a tough campaign. Over 100,000 Axis troops had escaped across the Straits of Messina in the few days before the final capture of the city. A Brief History of the Italian Campaign 1943-45 A Brief History of the Cassino Campaign