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New Flames of War articles

The Flames of War website has been updated with new articles and product spotlights. Articles Featured Event: Showcase Showdown! Battlefront Miniatures USA presents an Early War Partners Tournament in conjunction with Mike and team at Showcase Comics. What makes this event so special is that you partner up with a friend (or maybe your nemesis), one of you taking a German list and the other taking an Allied list. Unlike a doubles tournament you won’t be playing together on the same table, however your combined results will dictate which team will be victorious at the end of the weekend! Adepticon 2011 Report Adepticon has come and gone with over 1500 attendees participating in everything from tournaments to hobby clinics. Battlefront Miniatures was on hand to run the first of three National Tournaments this year and Game Korps was also present to run some great 900 point tournaments and themed games. 16. Luftwaffe Felddivision The 16. Luftwaffe Felddivision (air force field division) was created in December 1942 with two three-battalion infantry regiments, a Panzerjäger Abteilung (anti-tank battalion), an artillery regiment and a pioneer battalion. In February 1943 the division was moved to the Netherlands as garrison troops and to man the coastal defences there. Like all other Luftwaffe field divisions, it was taken over by the Wehrmacht (Army) in November 1943. Flames Of War European Grand Tournament The first official European Flames Of War Grand Tournament will be hosted at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham, England (the heart of the "the lead-belt"!) on 3-4 September, 2011 - mark the dates in your diary now. Product Spotlights AH-1G Hueycobra (VBX01) The Hogs validated the concept of helicopter gunships leading Bell to design a purpose-built gunship version. The US Army turned them down in favour of a planned heavy gunship that could do just about everything. The unworkable complexity of their design and the accelerating war in Vietnam changed their mind forcing them to accept the lightweight Bell design as the AH-1G Hueycobra. M48A3 Patton (VBX04) The M48 Patton tank was completely modernised version of the WWII M26 Pershing heavy tank, designed to fight Soviet tanks on a nuclear battlefield. Oddly, many of the lessons of WWII had been forgotten and the M48 lacked a stabiliser and was likely to catch fire when penetrated. Its impressive anti-tank capability was of little use in Vietnam. M551 Sheridan (VBX05) The M551 Sheridan was developed as an amphibious cavalry tank or air-landing tank capable of tackling Soviet tanks. As a result its main armament was an anti-tank missile launcher that could also fire conventional shells. Getting this complex weapon system to work delayed the introduction of the Sheridan, but it finally reached Vietnam in 1968. Once there, its crews liked its firepower, speed, and ability to cross flooded rice paddies, but missed the thick armour of the much heavier M48 and its ability to smash its way through thick jungle. PAVN Divisional Fire Support (VBX15) Equipped with an array of different armaments for a diverse number of roles; the PAVN Divisional Support was armed with equipment that was either Chinese copies of Soviet equipment or actual Soviet-made weapons.